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Over 30,000 m2 of storage space.

We provide storage 24/7/365

We understand the importance of storing goods, which is why we provide you with quality and secure storage 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We store a wide variety of goods and materials in covered indoor facilities. The warehouses are modernly equipped to store goods under constant surveillance, so you are always kept informed on the status of your goods.

We have more than 30,000 m2 of storage space and additional parking space for trucks.

Why store with us?

Comprehensive storage services
Modern warehouses
Excellent warehouse location
Modern IT support
Omahen Transport - Skladiščenje - Hramba blaga
Storage of goods
Omahen Transport - Skladiščenje - Hramba blaga - Etiketiranje, embaliranje
Labelling, packaging
Omahen Transport - Skladiščenje - Razvrščanje,kompletiranje
Sorting, assembly
Omahen Transport - Skladiščenje - Pakiranje, prepakiranje
Packing, repacking

Additional and comprehensive storage services

In addition to storage and delivery, we also provide advanced storage services.

Why outsource storage?

One of the key benefits of outsourcing is the flexibility to hire in unpredictable times.
Focus on your business and outsource storage to companies that are experts in the field.
Leave the storage of your goods to professionals who know what they are doing.
Less risk
By outsourcing the storage of your goods, you reduce your exposure to the risks of doing it in-house.
Reduced staffing requirements
Managing warehouse staff can be a big overhead cost, especially when operations run 24 hours a day.
Lower costs
Your capital investment in equipment, staff and maintenance is significantly lower if you opt for an outsourced solution.

“In Slovenia, companies that outsource reduce logistics costs by 20%, while in Western Europe they achieve a 40% cost reduction”

Omahen transport - Outsourcing

Reduce your storage costs and avoid the dangers of warehouse work. 

We give back to nature with a solar power plant

Recognising the uniqueness and importance of our nature, the roof of our logistics centre is used as a solar power plant, producing an average of 1,400,000 kwh per year, enough to power 350 households for a year.
Households per year
Omahen Transport - smo skladišče, ki proizvaja elektriko
Omahen Transport - logotip podjetja
The Omahen Transport company was founded in 1991. Quality, flexibility and reliability are our guiding principles, as our many domestic and foreign customers have experienced for themselves.


Do you have any questions or need further information? Call or e-mail us.
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